Thursday, August 04, 2005

Fitting clear side repeaters (indicators) to the MX5

Some people love 'em, others hate 'em. Aftermarket clear side repeaters that is. It seems you either think they modernise your car or make you look like a chav. The debate gets more heated when dealing with a classic or "modern-classic" car such as the MX5. Personally I think it depends on the car, the colour and the overall look, but I think I'm in the first camp. To me, there's no better way to lift the look of an older car than to replace the orange indicators with nice, shiny new clear ones.

Clear side repeater

So I decided that my black Eunos Roadster needed clear lights to replace the original 14 year old orange items. A bit of a trawl around the usual suppliers produced few options, as most seem to supply the items produced by IL Motorsport in Germany. However, MX5Parts are selling two versions, both made by IL Motorsport, one set at £35 (though currently on offer at £24.95), and then a set of Budget Clear Side Repeaters at £12.75.

I must admit to grudging paying £25 for a pair of indicators, let alone the £35, so after reading the reviews on the site I decided to order a set of the budget clear side repeaters. As usual with MX5Parts, they arrived next day and it took all of, ooh, 5 minutes to fit them:

  1. Remove the old repeaters from the car by pushing the towards the back of the car against the pressure of the locating spring clip. Push as far back as you can, and then whilst holding them in this position, you should be able to pop the front edge out and then the whole lot falls out.
  2. Turn the bulbholder anti-clockwise to remove it from the lamp unit.
  3. Remove the old (clear) bulb from the bulbholder, simply by pulling it, then push in the new orange bulb (supplied with the new indicators).
  4. Fit the bulbholder and bulb into the back of the new repeater, noting that the repeaters are handed ie. there is a nearside and offside one.
  5. Pop the new repeaters into the holes in the wing and you're done!
Clear side repeaters

I think they look great, especially on my black Eunos. And if anybody is in any doubt as to the quality of these repeaters compared to the more expensive ones, I say, don't worry, just buy them! The fit is as good as the standard factory items, and although some reviews say you can see the glue around the edge, I can't on mine. I suppose time will tell how hardwearing the chromed plastic surround is, but at this price, if they last a year or two, just replace them!

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    Richard said...

    Totally agree with your 'clear rather than orange' indicator comments for many cars (well, maybe not orange ones)

    The orange lens is simply too distracting when admiring the lines of a classic; especially on darker colours.

    Taking it further than the MX5/Miata, I find most dark classics with chrome bumpers and chrome trim around headlights and indicators are much nicer on the eye when the orange indicator glass is replaced with clear, and silver bulbs that flash orange are utilised.